RDP Worldwide Risk Management Solutions

Risk Management Consulting

Risk Management / Security is the process of identifying, analyzing, and communicating risk, and afterwards accepting, avoiding, transferring, or controlling the risk to an acceptable level taking into account associated costs and benefits of any actions taken.

Simply put, RDP Worldwide will identify and define problems. Once risks are defined through assessments, interviews, statistical data and other methods, RDP will draft a Plan of Action (POA) relevant to solving the problems defined, and or lessening of their effect on the collective situation at large.

RDP Worldwide is a full-service, worldwide, risk consulting firm. Don’t be caught off guard – plan for the unexpected before it happens. RDP Worldwide offers a variety of mitigation and risk consulting services, tailored to meet your specific needs.

With more than 20 years in the industry, RDP Worldwide has specialized knowledge of forensic accounting, background screening, security engineering, corporate restructuring and electronic data recovery.

Mitigation services:

• Background Screening
• Business Intelligence and Investigations
• Corporate Advisory and Restructuring
• Evidence and Data Recovery
• Forensic Accounting
• Security Consulting
• Valuation and Litigation Consulting

Risk consulting services:

• Anti-Money Laundering
• Asset Searches
• Corporate Internal Investigations
• Competitive Intelligence
• Compliance and Monitoring
• Claims Integrity
• Data Analysis
• Dispute Mediation Services / Background Investigations
• Investigative Due Diligence
• Identity Theft Restoration
• Insurance Claims Quantification
• Vendor Screening

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