Juvenile Transport

RDP Worldwide provides our clientele with hands-on assistance in the safe, secure, confidential and effective transport of minors.

At RDP Worldwide we understand the confusion, fear and distraught of a situation involving a minor. Our agents have an absolute and unwavering commitment to the physical safety and well being of minors in our care. Every agent at RDP Worldwide has cleared a criminal background investigation conducted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

To ensure the safe transport of a minor, our agents always work in pairs. If the minor in question is a female, a female agent will be assigned. To put your mind at ease, we take time to inform legal guardians of our progress at every step of the transportation process.

When to utilize our Juvenile Transportation services:

• Drug and alcohol detox or rehabilitation appointments
• Social service or community-based service appointments
• Court appearances or related appointments
• Court ordered community service
• Needs testing and assessments Counseling and other mental health services
• Routine medical or dental visits Mandatory school attendance or “boot camp” style facilities
• To or from a family intervention

*Tip:  In the case of an intervention, we strongly recommend that you do not discuss transport with your child ahead of time, to reduce risk of your child running away. The element of surprise actually works to prevent resistance to the transport. Compliance of the child generally increases as the personal involvement of parents and guardians decreases.

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