Cyber: Security, Intel & Incident Response

CYBER Security: IT Systems Assessment & Threat Mitigation
CYBER Intel: Due Diligence through Digital Analysis and Investigation
CYBER Incident Response: Analysis of Penetration and Corrective Action

RDP WORLDWIDE provides Cyber Security, Intel, and Incident Response methodologies and practices that work fluidly in taking a 360-degree approach to your government organization, company and/or personal network and IT systems security needs. This 360-degree coverage begins at first contact with RDP WORLDWIDE. Our acronym “RDP” stands for Rapid, Deployment and Protection Worldwide and we have the connections to GET RESULTS FAST.

In a digital age of reliance on computers, networks, cloud, and Internet, the world’s most dangerous hackers: individuals; criminal organizations; or nation state’s; the danger of zero-hour attacks is seconds or less away. Incident Response must be as close to “real time” as possible, with IT system Threat Assessment and Risk Mitigation a constant.

Combatting cyber attacks in the numerous forms they can take and the countless, relentless adversaries that mark their obsession, persistence, and “dedication to cause” requires a team of equally dedicated, professional experts countering them. These experts must be educated, trained, and experienced in focusing on:

• Diagnosing the attack
• Stopping the attack
• Saving data from the attack
• Permanently ending the attack
• Collecting as much information: the Who, What, When, How & Why; for forensic and countering future attacks.

We work with CEOs, CISOs and COOs to achieve the primary goal of ensuring the security of the organization’s data and the people and lives that data represents.

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